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LEAP OF DEATH is a collaborative project by composer Robert Stillman, artist/writer Anna Fewster, and bookbinder Sarah Bryant.

The work is an an abstract reconstruction of F.W. Murnau’s 4 Devils (1928), a film of which all known copies are lost. Realised as a limited edition of 50 bookwork/LP’s, Leap of Death uses letterpress printed text, trace monotype printed images, and music to create an atmosphere of the ‘4 Devils’ narrative.

This website presents a digital version of the Leap of Death bookwork, which consists of one vinyl LP, six booklets, and three posters, collected in a bound enclosure.


To order a limited edition ‘Leap of Death’ bookwork/LP (£28.00 plus shipping), please use the Paypal button below.

Edition Sold Out

For a free download of the ‘Leap of Death’ music, please click HERE.

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