12 May 2018 Played Twice: Kind of Blue/Electric Miles (w/ David Okumo, Byron Wallen) Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK

25 April 2018 Hello Skinny Archspace, London, UK

14th April 2018 Solo saxophone+pedals+tapes (supperting Soweto Kinch) Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK

1 March 2018 with Peter Zummo Cafe OTO London, UK 

12 Jan 2018 Hello Skinny (Tom Skinner feat Peter Zummo) La Petite Halle, Paris, France

17 Jan 2018 Hello Skinny (Tom Skinner feat Peter Zummo) ‘Watermelon Sun’ Album launch Total Refreshment Centre, London, UK

18 January 2018 Stillman/Skinner/Herbert Free Range at Garage Coffee @Fruitworks, Canterbury, UK